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As the industry leader and preferred manufacturer of high-performance aircraft upholstery leather for leading Aviation OEMs we know the needs of aviation leather. Our VIP and head-of-state clients are a who’s who in today’s elite. Our manufacturing capabilities and our team of expert craftspeople allow us to have complete control over yield, quality, and adherence to strict testing, as well as offer a wide range of in-stock and custom colors, finishes, and embossings.

For business or private aircraft designers seeking to take their interior designs to new heights, leather has no equal. A lasting, high-performance upholstery material, leather pays for itself over time and is more than able to meet the demands of the aviation industry. Not only is our leather durable and luxurious, but it is also able to be customized for each interior design. It can be enhanced with hand-rubs, shimmering foils, embossed patterns, and more. Townsend's leather meets or exceeds all performance, weight, and FAA Flammability standards.  With Townsend Leather, you can let your imagination fly.

Townsend offers customized Pattern Cutting programs.  When you want to save time, waste, and cost - contact us to setup your Cut Pattern solution:

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Your Personality. Add it with Townsend Leather.

We are craftspeople and artisans of leather, not just distributors or marketers.

For us, leather is a life passion.

We are the manufacturer, which means we can custom produce any color, sheen, pattern, embossing, texture… any leather.

Your projects, your designs, your dreams... they are saturated in your personality and we want to do all we can to spotlight that personality. Our passion for leather extends beyond just the end material, but to the entire process, from sourcing to packaging, we do it all ourselves, and we do it with heart.

Whether it’s a perfect color combination, a texture or pattern you need to see on leather, or a totally new technique - we love to craft it for you.

Work with us from your Lightbox, your mood boards, your design sketches, photographs, or even scribbles on a napkin… our team is uniquely skilled to utilize our state-of-the-art manufacturing campus to create the perfect leather.

Our world-class color-matching team can match any color, hue, value, and chroma of any paint chip, carpet or fabric sample or any available color reference, including Pantone.

We can harness our largest-in-the-world embossing library to match or create any pattern with embossing plates and rolls. We have a graphic design team ready to custom craft designs and all the tools and expertise to press them into reality.

Together we can explore every option and create that one-of-a-kind look.

Once you have an idea of what you want, and you’re interested in a few test samples, we can quickly produce strike-off samples of custom colors and textures for you. That way you will actually be able to see and touch the leather that was inspired by your vision.

At the heart of Townsend’s creative design solutions is a service unique in the industry, one that unites the creativity and vision of the interior designer with the experience, skill, and workmanship of the leather manufacturer.

For over 50 years Townsend Leather has led the industry in color-matching, custom capabilities, company-culture (we love what we do, who we do it with, and who we do it for!), and quality. We put care for craft, people, and quality in everything we do and we look forward to custom-crafting that care for you too.

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